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Guideline for Special Issue

The ESTIRJ welcomes the Special Issue Proposals for Special Issue articles by fulfilling all the normal requirements. Special issue proposals are welcomed at any time during the year. ESTIRJ invites the papers from the National, International Conferences and Seminars conducted by colleges, universities etc for special issue. The Group of papers will be accepted with some concession and will be published in ESTIRJ as an special issue on the request.

1. The conference papers.
2. The special issue on a particular topic of the interest which deal with more focused topics with current interest falling within the scope of the journal. They should be organized by recognized experts in the area and attract articles of the highest quality.

It is the policy of the ESTIRJ to enable and to encourage and initiate the publication of special issues from time to time. The following are preparation and publication guidelines for Guest Editors. Preparing a proposal guest editors of the the proposed special issue should prepare a proposal submit to the Editor-in-Chief of ESTIRJ for approval with following prerequisite information:

> Title for the Special Issue
> A brief CV of the proposed Guest Editors (three or more than three).
> Outline that summarizes the objectives of the Special Issue
> Tentative time schedule
> List of potential contributions (at least 10 articles)

> The corresponding Guest Editor will be inviting Authors
> It is the Guest Editors' role to select authors and invite them to submit papers for the special issue which are of the highest quality in terms of science and presentation.
> They should also ensure that all articles submitted conform to the editorial and publication policies of the ESTIRJ .
> Each manuscript submitted must be original, not published formally elsewhere and must be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers/specialists in the area. Authors must submit their papers by following the instruction to authors of the ESTIRJ .
> Once papers have been submitted, then the Guest Editors will select reviewers and will keep them informed about the submitted papers status. When the referees reports have been received, the Guest Editors will be asked to make an initial decision, and if necessary the paper will be sent out for revision. Once the Guest Editors have recommended to accept or reject a paper, the final decision will rest with the Editor-in-Chief of ESTIRJ .
> The ESTIRJ office will inform authors for the final status of the paper. Publication Guest Editors will be required to submit a preface/editorial for the special issue. Guest Editors will also advise the ESTIRJ office about the order in which they wish articles to appear. Once the papers have been accepted by the Editor, they are then sent to the production department. Proofs will be sent to the Guest Editors to review and approve before publication. When the Special Issue is released, the title and names of the Guest Editors will appear on the cover and the contents pages.

If you have any queries regarding special issues please contact at editor.estirj@gmail.com

ISSN: (e) 2520-7393
(P) 2521-5027

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