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Editing and Proofreading

If your research is not published, it was never written. A lot of manuscripts are rejected due to poor English, poor presentation and not adhering to instruction to authors. The international world of science publishing, the ability to write in English at a high level is a major advantage. Academic writing should be clear, accurate and to the point. While writing it is easy to become so engrossed in your topic that you can no longer consider writing from a detached perspective. We are interested in improving the quality of your manuscript. We edit to correct the grammar, improve the language and format to meet the intended journal's style. We improve overall clarity and organization of your manuscript. We do an outstanding job with your manuscript to get your research work published. We provide professional academic editing and proofreading services for all academic disciples and fields.

At the ESTIRJ editing and proofreading service the team of professional academic editors has a rich experience of proofreading and editing for academicians, researcher, and university faculty and research students. The ESTIRJ proofreading and editing service provides a rigorous review and comprehensive improvement to written documents including:

> Research Papers
> Conference Papers
> Journal Manuscripts
> Theses and Dissertations
> Essays
> Reports
> Assignments
> Applications

The assigned editor will review and improve your writing in the following areas:
> Language and vocabulary
> Academic tone and style
> Sentence structure, syntax and paragraph structure
> Redundancy/repetition and wordiness
> Grammar and punctuation
> Presentation, formatting and referencing consistency

Editing Process:
> Only an assigned managing editor and a language editor will see your manuscript.
> Our editors will ensure that your text meets all of the requirements of the targeted journal.
> Your Publication Ready Manuscript is ready within 5 business days.
> Thesis or dissertation is ready within 7 business

Why Choose us ?
> We provide professional academic editing and proofreading services for all academic disciples and fields.
> Your manuscript will be treated confidentially.
> Convenient and inexpensive service fast and accurate.
> Editing is comprehensively done.
> Our experts will edit and return your manuscript within the defined time period.

Please send your manuscripts for proofreading to; editor.estirj@gmail.com Note: The manuscripts should be in New Time Roman format, font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. Authors will be sent a Letter of Acknowledgement upon the receipt of their manuscripts. The manuscript number and handling fee will also be attached.

Warm Regards,

Dr. A.S Saand
In charge / Admin Estirj Editing and Proofreading Service

Our charges are reasonable and affordable. Please find below a breakdown of the prices.
Note: the charges in rupees are for local people and for Internationals in USD.
Pages Charges
1 - 10 pages Rs.1200, USD 30
11 - 20 pages Rs.1600, USD 40
21 - 30 pages Rs.2000 , USD 50
31 - 40 pages Rs.2500 , USD 80
41 - 50 pages Rs.3000 , USD 100
51 - 100 pages Rs.3500, USD 120

ISSN: (e) 2520-7393
(P) 2521-5027

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